Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

Got woken up by a text message from Marshall this morning welcoming me to the world of being almost 30. I disagree. Definitely still in the mid-20s! ;)

So far, so good. Birthday week’s been treating me well this year. I’ve been a little sick and tired, but I’m still having fun. I got phone calls from Little Bird and Park City yesterday since they were afraid they’d miss me today. Martini made me cinnamon rolls and the girls at work brought loads of sugary goodness with them. My card was hilarious—it featured sharks and swimmers. Awesome. I also got a new Starbucks tumbler. I got very sweet emails and messages from Croz and Law Stud, which was cool, too. And my mom sang Happy Birthday to me over the phone. Hee!

I’m pretty excited about Star Wars tonight, which should be great. Plus, there’s dessert to be had and girls lacrosse to coach. It’s an average Wednesday, except for the fact that I get to sleep in late tomorrow morning. Sweet!

Quote of the Day: “Can’t count me out/’cause I got your number/and you make me feel/like I’m the king of all of the world/king of all of the world/king of all of the world.” King of All of the World, Old 97s.


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