Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"I woke up alarmed..."

Yet another one of my friends got unexpectedly sacked from her relationship this week, which resurrects some unpleasant memories. First off, it sucks when someone I care about gets hurt because let’s face it, nobody likes to see their friends hurting. Second, I can totally relate, because back in the fall, I was the one getting dumped on my ass for no reason that I could discern and was totally gobsmacked by it. Third, I wonder how it happens, really. How one person could be so oblivious to anything being wrong with the relationship.

Sometimes it can’t be helped, but I almost wonder if it isn’t easier to watch a relationship deteriorate rather than to just yank off the Band-aid. In this particular case, there was an extenuating circumstance in the form of the reappearance of an ex-longterm girlfriend. In my case, however, there were no extenuating circumstances save for the fact that he was a judgmental jackass, as far as I could tell. Which doesn’t make it better or worse. I mean, in a sense at least the ex is a decent reason. It doesn’t make it easier because no one likes being told that they’re being given up for someone else. On the other hand, clearly the dude wasn’t over the ex if he wants to “give it another shot.” So maybe it’s for the best.

Let’s face it, if I hadn’t gotten dumped on my ass so unceremoniously in the fall, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now. And I’m pretty darned happy with where I am and who I’m with these days. And it’s a really good thing he doesn’t read this! And does it make me a bad person if I start praying that this doesn't become an epidemic again? We already had one of those!! I don't think that either my heart or liver could make it through another one.

Quote of the Day: “Whatever happened to a boyfriend/the kind of guy who tries to win you over/and whatever happened to a boyfriend/the kind of guy who makes love ‘cause he’s in it/and I want a boyfriend/ want a boyfriend/I can feel it in my bones/I’m going to spend another year alone.”Fuck and Run, Liz Phair.

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