Thursday, March 24, 2005

Watch out for the Stairs.

I’m so sore right now. I fell down the stairs this morning. Seriously. I know.

They weren’t even my stairs, since I’ve largely figured out how those work. I had to take a shower this morning, and Indie Rocker’s shower is in the basement. His stairs are carpeted and are pretty precipitous anyway. Either way, I hit the top step and on my way to the second, I lost my footing and then slid all the way down to the concrete floor on my ass. Graceful, no? Apparently it sounded like I had cartwheeled down the stairs, when it was really more of a really fast slide. I jumped up and ran into the bathroom to conceal both my embarrassment and any potential bruises that were already appearing. I heard Indie Rocker jump out of bed and run over to the top of the stairs, where he asked if I was OK, and I said that I thought only my ego was bruised. Yeah, I’m wrong. I keep finding new bruises and new sore spots. I have an awesome purple bruise right on the side of my foot. Unfortunately since I hashed last night, I can’t totally tell what’s from that and what’s from the stairs. Aggghhh.

On the bright side, it’s not like I’m the only person who’s ever slipped down a set of stairs--or probably even those stairs, for all I know. I’d probably be a lot more embarrassed if Indie Rocker wasn’t just as big a klutz as I am.

Quote of the Day: "Make me feel tiny if it makes you feel tall/But there’s always someone cooler than you/Yeah, you’re the shit/But you won’t be it for long/Oh, there’s always someone cooler than you." There's Always Someone Cooler than You, Ben Folds.

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Little Bird said...

I think that the most important point in this post was conveniently overlooked. It's not important that you fell down stairs. It's important that you fell down Indie Rocker's stairs. . . on your way to take a shower. . . in the morning. (by the way, did my bolding work? because i was just guessing.) you NEED to call me and fill me in!