Thursday, March 17, 2005

Old Friends and Iraq

One of my old friends, who is currently stationed in Mosul, got back in touch with me today and I found his platoon’s website. Check it out—it’s going to become part of the links on this page anyway. He and I have been friends for quite some time, although we haven’t talked much lately. Deployment does that to friendships.

Anyway, he’s a great guy and the webmaster on the site is his little brother, who is good friends with Speedy. Basically, our whole families are friends and since my folks are slacking and not getting me good updates, I’m delighted to find somewhere where I can get reliable updates.

Lately it’s been more and more important for me to be getting back in touch with old friends. Friendster’s been great for that as people have been coming out of the woodwork. Maybe it’s my upcoming travels or the fact that I know my life’s about to change pretty dramatically that suddenly reconnecting has become kind of important. It’s silly, but I love the fact that Little Bird calls me when she gets stuck in traffic in LA or that John suddenly shows up on Friendster and adds me to his list. Stuff like that just kind of rocks. As Hugh Grant said in “Notting Hill”: It’s nice. Surreal, but nice.

I can’t believe I just quoted that. I’m a dork!

As far as I’m doing, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment today because I’ve been sick forever and I’m tired of it. When I answered the phone last night, Indie Rocker actually started our conversation by asking me why I wasn't in bed already. Lacrosse is going well and we’ve almost got the teams set. We’re going to run scrimmages this afternoon and decide on the teams for good. Then the girls have a week off for spring break and I have a chance to set up a bunch of practice plans, since I’m a working girl and no longer get spring break. Several of my friends, however, still have a school schedule and get to go to Moab for a week. Bitches!

Quote of the Day: “I believe in a better land/a place of peace in the golden sand/the windy streets in the summer time/a cloudless day when I feel fine/We all move on." We All Move On, The Samples

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