Monday, February 07, 2005


18 inches of fresh, new snow over the weekend shorted out our surfing plans this weekend and waking up sick yesterday shorted out my ability to ski, so that wasn't the greatest feeling. I slept on the couch in ski school for an hour while Marshall and Bientot skied their hearts out, making laps on Star. All I care about is that I'm healthy for when we go visit Speedy in the WP.

Which reminds me. I need to get some damned sleep this week.

Did a lot of research on Australia this week and it's looking good. If I can get the budget to match, I'll be golden. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Quote of the Day: "I came from the mountain/The crust of creation/My whole situtation-made from clay to stone/And now I'm telling everybody/I don't want to be/
Anything other that what I've been trying to be lately/All I have to do/Is think of me and my peace of mind." Gavin DeGraw, I Don't Wanna Be.

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