Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy 2005!

Well, I have to do the weekend rundown as usual, but I also plan to post my New Year’s resolutions. Let me know what yours are too, since it might give me ideas.

Anyway, New Year’s was quite fun this year for a number of reasons, most of them involving drinking, laughing, dancing, and my friends making fun of each other. Friday was quite busy as I managed to oversleep before setting out to get estimates done on my car as I got rear-ended last week and am still fairly cranky about the whole thing. Oh well. At least it’s not my fault. I failed miserably, but did manage to have coffee with Mom, get at least one estimate, run some stuff over to Dad and finish some shopping that needed to be done. During that, I played phone tag with Chitown, Little Bird, and WRX as we tried to figure out what the actual itinerary for the night was going to be. After getting the final word from the Dutchman on his party, I picked up WRX and brought him over to my place to hang out while I got ready. I actually wore a dress, my friends. True story. It was strapless with black velvet over superdark blue and I wore my Fabulous Shoes. I also decided to put up my hair, since it was doing that weird Tawny-Kitaen-Whitesnake-floofy thing it sometimes does on dry days. Argh. God bless hairspray.

Anyway, after that we hit the store for necessary things like cheese, beer, wine, and crackers as well as a nice, phallic sandwich since I’d forgotten to eat dinner. We collected everything, paid, and headed over to the Dutchman’s brother’s house where the party was happening. We stuck around for quite a while just chatting, eating delicious food and watching the crew of dogs playing around.

Then it was off to Russe’s apartment for fabulous drinks courtesy of her lovely boyfriend Spartan. Plus, there was the added bonus of getting to see several friends from college, who I hadn’t seen in years. I walked into the apartment and got a huge hug from Ski Shop, who looks just like he always did and continues to hit on me like it’s his job. Also in attendance were Humvee and Artemis, who have been together forever and are so, so much fun. Artemis was getting ready in the bathroom when I got there and was so surprised to see me. So fun. Ski Shop and Humvee kept running in and out of the bedroom with different clothes on before settling on a really super sparkly suit and a pinstripe pimp suit, respectively. They changed more than I did. Little Bird and Libbie made it over to the party as well and had a good time before we all broke for the bars. Little Bird drove because she had to move her car pre-First Run anyway. We tried giving her directions, but she still managed to drive us over the river and had to double back. I thought Ski Shop’s head might explode.

The Fez was hilarious and wonderful. Spartan nearly got into a fight with the coat check girl, so we ended up stashing all of our coats in the corner rather than checking them. How a coat check fills up on a cold-ass night in December spells poor planning to me. Shortly before midnight, Chitown and his friend M-Series joined us, which was both good and bad. Good because it was fun to see them, but bad because WRX doesn’t really like M-Series anymore. That’s a funny story, but I might get my ass kicked for relating it here. Either way, there was much dancing, much drinking and much kissing as we rang in the New Year. After that, we decided to change club locations to Russe’s favorite gay dance club. Awesome. Drag shows, dancing, more drinking and glow bracelets. Hard to be upset with that. Fortunately, all this debauchery was followed by a trip to Taco Bell, which we sorely needed. That in itself was hilarious, as Ski Shop’s friend A decided he didn’t really need to cover up his genitals and the other guys decided that an impromptu, half-assed Chinese fire drill was a good idea. I’m surprised that Akira didn’t kill all four of us.

We finally dragged ourselves back to Russe’s, drank some water, spread the Taco Bell wealth around, and chilled before Akira offered WRX and I space to crash at his place, which was right around the corner. Well, I’ll take a couch over the floor anytime, so I exiled WRX to the floor and got to enjoy a comfy, leather couch to sleep on. We both woke up hungover and decided to lay around chatting before bugging Akira and heading back over to Russe’s for waffles and mimosas. We stayed at Russe’s for the rest of the day watching football, 80s movies, and laying around eating and making fun of each other. Ski Shop laid it on thick most of the day, which earned him endless mocking from the rest of us, and I got to be bitchy and get away with it, which was great fun. Oh I forgot to mention that at this point, I am still wearing my dress, my cute black Christmas blouse and scrubs. So cute, let me tell you.

Around 8, WRX and I decided we’d had about as much fun as we could stand as well as 36 straight hours on contact lenses, so I drove him home, went home to shower and clean up, and then met the crew out for dinner in Chinatown. For the record, the lo mein I had was much better the next day for lunch.

Sunday, I got a ride to the mountain with Bono and SecretSpy, who got engaged over the break! Yay! The day itself was spent skiing my tail off on reasonably good snow, since the weather’s been sort of cooperating yesterday. It was beautiful and sunny all day, though cold. I showed up for lineups and didn’t get a lesson, even though I volunteered for one when DB asked. I spent most of the day on Cascade and Shooting Star and ratpacked whenever I got a chance, which was pretty much all afternoon. While on Cascade in the morning, I managed to hit a rock so hard that it popped my ski off and I faceplanted. Fortunately, it was a faceplant kind of day, since Canuck double ejected and faceplanted, Bono did the same thing down Roach Bowl and another gal crashed and burned during our clinic. Apparently Joy took a chunk out of her chin on a rock, so that sucks.

It’s truly winter now—back to a seven day workweek and sore knees for the next two months. Rock on.

Quote of the Day: “I was alone/I was all by myself/No one was looking/I was thinking of you/Oh yeah, did I mention/I was all by myself.” All By Myself (Secret track), Green Day.

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