Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hits and misses.

Well, the blog has magically attracted enough attention that I’ve gotten 500 hits/individual page loads. I’m not sure what to think about that, since I’m pretty sure I’m not attracting people based on my biting wit and amazing writing abilities. Oh well. As long as someone finds this interesting, then I’ll keep committing my random thoughts to cyberspace.

I ran into an old friend from college the other day at the gym and it was actually really great to see him and catch up. He used to be the Dutchman’s roommate, but now lives somewhere else. Forgot to ask where. Oh well. Either way, it looks like I might get to go to a few Duck home games with him and the Dutchman this fall and that would definitely rock. I haven’t been to a college football game since shortly after I graduated and am definitely looking forward to doing the alumni tailgate/hang out with old friends/hit the old haunts routine. I love the people I run into every time I end up back in Eugene, since I end up feeling like I never left. God bless college towns, I guess. The only difference now is that my sister is old enough to go to bars with me and is leaving herself pretty soon. I wonder if that signifies the end of my pilgrimages to Eugene, but I guess as long as my friends have extra season tickets for me to buy and I have a couch to surf, I will probably still go back to Eugene. Oh, and Homecoming…

A bunch of the girls from my sorority are getting together back in Eugene for Homecoming. That’s going to be insane. I’ve seen most of them within the past year, but for a few it’s been longer. Too long, most likely. It should be interesting, so I’ll have to keep my wits about me. Good grief.

I went out for drinks with Strong Draught and his friend last night. They grew up together and Strong Draught actually mentioned that he had hung out with a kid I knew in high school and absolutely adored. He was a wonderful, intelligent, and fun person who I semi-adopted as a little brother. He didn’t need another older sister, as he already had two very cool ones, but the dynamic was there. I’ve thought about him a bit over the years and told Strong Draught that he needed to call him so I could say hi. We’ll see if he gets around to it.

Other than that, I am fixing up the pool house tonight (that would be Strong Draught’s nickname for the spare bedroom. In case anyone was wondering, I am actually living with Seth Cohen. It’s a little frightening) and watching W until I get sick of it. So 15 seconds, tops.

Wow, random. I’m going to write something relevant tomorrow, I promise!!!

Quote of the Day: “I wish I could do something about this. But I can't. But I can promise you two things. One: I'll always look this good. Two: I'll never give up on you... ever.” Hellboy (Ron Perlman), Hellboy

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