Friday, August 13, 2004

Beautiful music

Some of my friends played a show at Lola's Room, right in between Ringler's and Crystal Ballroom last night that kicked some serious ass. I'm going to use their real names, since I want you to go see them next time they play. The opening crew was Jake Oken-Berg and George from The Retrofits, this kickass pop band. I've seen them at the Meow Meow before and they play at the Green Room every so often, but the last full show they played was Chick Surf Weekend, and we all know what I was doing that weekend.

Those guys played a really strong, really fun set that was way mellow and fun to listen to. I loved George's mellow cover of Blink-182's Dammit, since it's one of my all time fave songs anyway. Rock on.

Libbie Schrader is my other friend who played. She and I have been friends for over a decade (Jesus, are we really that old?!?) and still keep in touch. She's a very talented singer/songwriter who performs on keyboards and guitar. Her songs are written often about people I know or circumstances I remember, so it's really entertaining for me to watch her play. There were a bunch of old friends at the show, a few I was very excited to see, so we hung out a Ringler's afterwards and I was extremely late to the Yes on 34 CD release party at the Ohm, so I deserve any guilt trip thrown my way by Steamboat. I am a bad roommate.

Either way, my friends and I are hitting the Bite tonight to catch Death Cab for Cutie and They Might be Giants. Rock on!

Quote of the Day: "And it's happened once again/I'll turn to a friend/Someone that understands/sees through the master plan/But everybody's gone and I've been here for too long/To face this on my own/well I guess this is growing up." Dammit, Blink-182

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