Saturday, July 24, 2004

Ahhh...Chick Surf Weekend

Chick Surf Weekend was a massive success, which I am delighted to report.  We had a blast, got some girls standing on boards who had never ridden before and got some sun, food and beer along the way.  It was amazing.

We started out somewhat inauspiciously as our arrival in Manzanita was a little later than I had originally planned.  Go figure, as we meant to leave at 6-6:30 and left closer to 8.  Such is life when you have social calendars like ours.  Good thing all those Friday Happy Hours don’t require long stays, although maybe next time Bumbershoot and I shouldn’t be chugging our martinis like that!

Anyway, we finally got on the road and got to the house, where I was greeted by Gus and looked around our amazing and gorgeous house.  We totally scored.  There were tons of bedrooms, three bathrooms and a nice spacious kitchen/dining area/family room with plenty of seating and a deck for us to dry our suits on and everything.  It was terrific.  The girls ran around and checked out closets and managed to unearth a collage that one of the daughters of the homeowners had made and it had my name on it, thus proving that we were meant to get that house.  Rock on.

After quite a bit of munching and drinking of beer, we decided to get a good night’s sleep so we could get a jump on the morning’s surf session.  Mermaid cooked us this incredible breakfast scramble with eggs, soft goat cheese, peppers, tomatoes and herbs.  It was awesome and totally got us energized to go surf all day.  I took a load of girls to the surf shop to rent boards and suits, as did Gus.  Mermaid went and scoped the surf for us.  We got to Cleanline and I totally ran into my jailbait surfshop boyfriend, whom I haven’t seen since last summer.  Love him.  So cute.  Still also looks illegal, but that’s why he’s my pretend boyfriend.

We managed to get everyone kitted out and over to Indian Beach, where we proceeded to have a lesson led by Mermaid and assisted by myself, Marshall and Gus.  Mermaid really managed to get everyone taught the basics.  Once Redhead managed to put her wetsuit on right side out and forwards at the same time and Bumbershoot managed to get her boobs situated, we actually got out in the water and got somewhere.

The girls were so athletic and so energetic that the surfing went great.  Every time someone from our crew caught a wave, the girls cheered.  Anytime one of the girls got up on their knees, the others cheered.  Anytime a girl who already knew how to surf caught a wave, there was cheering.  There were also loads of shouts of “paddle, paddle, paddle!!!”; “that wave is all you!”; and “this one!  Go go go!!”  By the middle of the day, the entire beach knew who we were.  It was awesome.  I ventured farther out into the water and managed to make the acquaintance of more people I didn’t know than any other surf day.  The best part was that every time I started chatting with someone (usually a guy), one of the first questions was, “are you with that big group of girls?”

Why yes, yes I am.

The rest of the weekend was the same great bonding, eating, drinking, surfing and laughing.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Quote of the Day: “The head of state has called for me by name/but I don't have time for him./It's gonna be a glorious day!/I feel my luck could change.” Lucky, Radiohead

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