Tuesday, June 22, 2004

You're always up to no good

Well, in a rapid and rather convenient twist of fate, I now have a new place and brand new roommates to boot. My mother always said that the girls in our family tend to land on their feet. I always thought she just meant my sister, but it appears to go for me as well.

Anyway, I decided to hit Craig’s List to see if I could score a new place and it actually worked. I am now going to move in with two strangers, but we seem to get along ridiculously well. On Sunday night, I went over there to check out the place and meet the roomies. Steamboat showed me around the place and then we sat around on the couch and talked for an hour until Strong Draught showed up and then sat around talking for the next half hour. Indeed, we talked quite a bit and had a good time and I ended up getting offered the new roommate spot.

Tintin and I went out for beers last night to discuss her impending move and to hear the whole story as to how Chicago Artist Boy asked her to move. She was so worried that I would be upset or disappointed when in reality, I would have been much more upset/disappointed if she hadn’t decided to go when she did. Besides, she and CAB need to figure out where this relationship can go when they are in the same city. Long distance over long periods of time blows.

Last night was also Steamboat’s birthday, so all three new roomies went to the Lompoc for beers and sat around hanging out. I think we are going to be ridiculously compatible roommates. I even filled out the ginormous application sheet today stating that I am not a bad person and that I can afford the rent. No really, I swear!! There was a little line on the application asking why I am moving out of my current place. I wrote that I wanted to change neighborhoods, which is true, but not entirely true. I want to be in a place where my roommates and I are at the same place. The Couple is very much in nesting mode and they put a lot of time and energy into the house. I respect that immensely, but I don’t feel that sort of motivation or inspiration as it isn’t my house and I feel no ownership towards it. Thus, I have a hard time getting excited about paint chips. I’m more than happy to put my two cents in regarding tile colors, but when it comes to sanding, grouting, and dirty work, I’m also more than happy to retire to the couch to watch MTV.

It’s going to be so great to get into a place with a lot of energy and no construction. I live in an awesome house right now, but the construction gets a little old. I do not have any idea how The Couple have the endless energy to continue with all of the projects. I know I wouldn’t have followed through the way that they have. It’s awe-inspiring, really

Quote of the Day: By the time they started showing up, I ran the risk of blowing up/These times, these times get tough/So if I stay we're going to see who's had enough/By the time I needed backing up, ya he was watching, cracking up.” Big Brat, Phantom Planet

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