Monday, March 22, 2004

Stuck in the Office on a Sunny Day

There’s a Baz Luhrman song that talks about wearing sunscreen and it’s stuck in my head right now. Reason being that I should have reapplied some this weekend, as I now have a pretty funky, Star Trek-y sunburn on my face from skiing all weekend. It’s pretty funny. I actually applied SPF 45 first thing in the morning, but then didn’t think to reapply at lunch. My bad.

Gorgeous weekend, good snow and good festivities. It was the weekend of parties as we celebrated not one but two birthdays in Hood River. The birthday party on Saturday night involved some of the cutest, sweetest kids ever and it went very well. Perhaps it was just a different dynamic, but the kids were incredibly well-behaved, fun to have and they weren’t underfoot at all.

I must admit, I’m a little unmotivated to write these days. Speedy made the charming comment yesterday that she wouldn’t put her life up on the Internet, but I guess I’m just looking for an outlet for writing and this seemed to make sense. Eventually I feel like I will try and write more abstract stuff, but they say (and God knows who they are, but whatever) that you should write what you know. And I’m definitely doing that. So maybe one day this will become something besides an online recounting of my life and times, but not yet.

Quote of the Day: “Don’t waste your time on me/You’re already the voice inside my head.” I Miss You, Blink-182