Monday, March 08, 2004

Red Bull and Irish Men...

I tried to update this today, but spent most of the day being all girly and googly because I met a new boy I really like over the weekend and it was a bit of a whirlwind. That, and I spent most of yesterday being horrifically hungover and I haven’t done that in a great long time and would like to keep it that way. Serves me right for trying to keep up with a pair of Irishmen on Saturday night. I know better, now!!

Anyway, the skiing was absolutely epic on Saturday. We ratpacked all over the mountain all morning and afternoon. A few of us had to stop for lineups, but our dear boss let us go and be free to lay tracks all over the mountain. In the morning, Park City, Bientot, YM, Ty Webb, DB and I skied Private Reserve for the first time and had a blast. We had slough storms all over the place and the cat track nearly killed all six of us. It’s a good thing I’m in shape, because that thing was a nightmare. At the end of it, we stopped at the Renaissance Café to get water, as we were dying. Right before we got to the café, I saw Luke Wilson (not the real one, but it’s a striking resemblance) and he actually said hello and initiated a conversation with me. So once again, hell froze over. I was amazed and still wonder if he thought that I was someone else as he has not willingly spoken to me the whole season. Whatever. Spring thaw, I guess.

After pizza lunch at Auntie Pasta’s and the requisite mockery of DB for abandoning his brother, who was up visiting for the weekend, we decided to go make laps through Heather Canyon. It was fantastic, beautiful snow and we had a wonderful time. By this time we had also added Marshall, Mayday, CNG and another kid to our roster and were ripping up the slopes. Upper Heather was gorgeous and creamy as ever I have skied it. So. Much. Fun.

My legs finally couldn’t take it anymore around 4pm and I even took one last run with Chitown after he begged me to go back out. After quitting, we all wandered over to the Stube, where DB’s brother, Eire, had apparently staked out a table around 3pm. Lucky kid. I guess one of the snowboarding instructors had been teaching him to ride all day. Anyway, Eire and I started talking and pretty much didn’t stop until I had to leave to go back to El Cabino, where State was cooking us dinner with her boyfriend, Yooper. We’d never met Yooper, so we were dying to meet him and find out what he was like. I rode down with YM and literally sprinted into the cabin because I had to pee ridiculously badly. Of course, someone was in the bathroom, so I nearly melted down. Very funny.

Dinner was delicious, Yooper is hilarious and State seemed really, really happy. Thus, we are all happy as she deserves a good guy in her life.

After dinner, we mobilized to get the hell down to Hood River to party hearty. I called shotgun in YM’s car, much to Canuck’s chagrin, since he always wants it. Marshall and Ty Webb followed us down to HR and set up camp at the bar while we went over to DB’s house to mobilize the troops. Eire, his friend, Canuck and I piled back into YM’s car and we rallied Mayday as well, who wasn’t very happy about the whole thing. Oh well.

Jager shots were passed around posthaste and the evening sort of dissolves into a blur shortly after that, except for the part where I decided it would be a great idea to make out with Eire in the middle of the bar. Yeah. Yeah. OK, not my best performance, but fun nonetheless. I would’ve stayed in HR that night, too, except for the intervention of YM, which may or may not have been helpful. Whatever.

After spending most of yesterday recovering, I went to dinner at Harborside with the whole DB/Eire family, including kids. It was delicious, the view was great, and Eire and I have pretty much decided that we want to see each other again. DB’s wife informed me that I was driving him to the airport, much to my surprise, so after walking all over the waterfront chasing after the munchkins, the fam said goodbye and we trooped over to my car and headed for the airport. Now, the airport is not necessarily a bad thing, but in this case, the destination? Dublin by way of Boston. Yeah, Ireland. Good times. Goodbyes were said, contact info was exchanged, there was much rueing of the current situation and the establishment that Eire is a great kisser. TMI for the friends, I know. Sorry.

I think I want to go visit at the end of May or early June. Hee. I've never been to Ireland before. This could be great.

Quote of the Day: “Who’s gonna ride your wild horses/Who’s gonna drown in your blue sea/who’s gonna taste your saltwater kisses/who’s going to take the place of me?” Wild Horses, U2

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