Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Boys on the Brain (not the docks)

My weeks are starting to fly by so fast that I am barely noticing them. Between Surfrider meetings, volunteering at Our House, lacrosse practice and going to the gym, I am lucky to be sleeping much anymore. It’s crazy, but I love it. I’m so ecstatically happy to be single through all of this, because I think I would go insane trying to make time for anyone else right now. Marshall would be quick to note that if I wanted to make time, I would make time. She’s right, of course. It’s easy to say I’m too busy for a boyfriend where there certainly isn’t one on the horizon. Or is there?

Two of my friends have been harassing me to call back this guy that one of them tried to set me up with last month. He called about a week ago and asked if I was headed up to the mountain. Which I was, of course, but I didn’t call him back because I didn’t get the message until after the party at Eeyore’s and I figured that if he was coming up to ride, he’d already left and was on his way anyway. I suppose he had a cell phone, but I had to teach the little monsters all day anyway and there was no point in making plans to spend the 8 seconds of free time I had that day with him. OK, it’s a little bitchy, but part of me just doesn’t care. We didn’t click and I’m not calling him because I don’t want to encourage him. Gah.

Well, then there’s the Cute New Guy. Marshall talked me into giving him another chance since he works two (cool) jobs, rips on skis and reads Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I don't even read Gabriel Garcia Marquez. But he does, and that's pretty cool. Aside from the fact that he really annoyed me last weekend by getting absolutely plastered, I think I can probably try and give him another chance. I mean, anybody who knows me knows that I like some drinky-drink from time to time. I guess I just didn't like feeling like a babysitter. Whatever.

This had a point somewhere along the line. I'm not sure where I lost it, though. I'm sure it's my usual monthly boy-based rant and God knows, we have plenty of those lying around. Oh well. Onwards and upwards, right?

Quote of the Day: "I want to be a hunter again/I want to see the world along again/to take a chance on life again/so let me go."
Hunter by Dido

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