Monday, February 23, 2004 makes me happy

Since our friend Party Animal was in town for the weekend, Saturday night was a ski school party event. Marshall and I were busy spreading the word all day that the party was going to take place at Eeyore's house. He has this amazing and gorgeous mansion in the middle of nowhere, thanks to his stepdad's employment with Intel. I guess his mom and stepdad are going to retire there at some point, but until then, it's the party palace. We were on the late bus to the party as Chitown was making chicken noodle soup for us at El Cabino. Since we had no intention of missing that, we stopped off for food, showers and a beer before trekking down to the party.

It's always really nice, after a long day of skiing and teaching, to just kick back with a beer and laugh with my friends as we're puttering around the cabin kitchen. The cabin is always a complete maelstrom of activity, as someone is building a fire in the wood stove, someone else is cooking something, someone's taking a shower and several people are usually sitting around either eating, talking, cleaning or otherwise doing something. That's part of what I like about staying up there--having eight roommates I actually like. Besides, since it's just the weekends, I never get sick of them. Bonus!

Anyway, Chitown made a killer chicken noodle soup. To complement it, Van and her brother made these yummy open-faced chicken quesadillas with guacamole and chipotle. We ate so well it's ridiculous. Marshall, Chitown and I took turns showering and getting ready while the soup cooked.

Finally we all piled into the cars and took off. The boys all rode in Coach's Jeep, the girls rode in my car while Van and her brother followed. The guys left a little bit before us, but we managed to catch up quickly. Marshall deejayed in the car, which is always hilarious. Lots of singing, laughing and screaming ensued. We girls are incapable of resisting bad Russian techno, so of course we were nearly in tears by the time we got to Eeyore's.

The party was almost in full swing once we got there. Fortunately, Coach knew the door code since no one inside could hear us over the stereo. My ex, Park City, was sitting right next to the front door and still couldn't hear us. Go figure. We all came in, dumped our stuff and headed straight for the kitchen and the shot glasses. Tequila all around. Bientot had brought the makings of palomas, so we took shots and proceeded to mix up a batch.

Either way, the party was a success. Chitown, Bientot and I spent the night, which was hilarious, particularly when all three of us piled into a double bed together. At some point, Bientot decided she liked the floor better than the wall and bailed. The next morning, we managed to get up and out the door in under 10 minutes, since we knew Van was making French toast at the cabin and come hell or high water, we were going to get some.

Which made teaching the little monsters all day yesterday a little less painful.

Quote of the Day: Mother, looking at me/tell me what do you see/have I crossed the line? TaTu, All the Things She Said