Friday, October 09, 2009

Trying to be better

I'm trying to be better about updating this thing, but being sick all week pretty much made that impossible, and made me cranky to boot. Seriously, head colds and being stuck in bed? Lame.

I am very excited for a mellow weekend, though. I'm looking forward to going to the cross race on Sunday, although unless I can breathe through my nose by then, I'm just going to be a spectator. I'm excited for maybe seeing a movie, the football game on Saturday, and general weekend-y type stuff.

It's weird to be so excited to just chill. I think now that I'm done with school, I'm frantically trying to jam things into my schedule to keep myself busy, but what I really need to be doing is enjoying the downtime before I get truly busy again. So I'm going to start this weekend.

Getting sick does occasionally help force things into perspective for me, whether I like it or not.

No quote--congestion kills the brain cells, apparently.

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