Friday, December 07, 2007

End of the Beginning

Well, last night was the end of my first term of grad school. I'm elated that I'm done, and very much looking forward to three solid homework-less weeks and weekends with no group meetings.

It's definitely been a very interested few months with getting used to having such a crowded schedule. Poor Indie Rocker definitely had his patience stretched to the limit a few times, and mine was too. I think we still have a ways to go with getting everything sorted out for the rest of my studies, but I'm less worried about it than I was. So that's a good thing. More than anything, I've had a really hard time striking a balance between homework and home life. I definitely don't get enough exercise, and I spend way too much time stressing about things that I can neither control nor change. That's something I'm going to really have to work on for the next few terms, so that I can sleep better, for one thing.

I'm glad that Molly's getting bigger, because I'm really looking forward to taking her on runs and things like that when the days start getting longer again.

I'm also glad that I can start doing my Christmas shopping and actually enjoying what is largely my favorite time of the year.

I'll also be interested in reviewing my resolutions from last year and seeing how they panned out. Or not!

And more than anything, I'm looking forward to reading a book or three that has nothing to do with classes.

Quote of the Day: "I've had a hell of a day and even worse week. And all I want to do is get some fucking sleep." Mitch (Luke Wilson), Old School. Did I mention that we saw Luke Wilson on Maui? We did! He's hot!!

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