Tuesday, November 20, 2007

101 update! Vacation and randomness...

15. Go surfing in Hawaii Completed 11/12/07. Indie Rocker and I surfed Waikiki. I'm counting this because I did actually stand up on the board. Mushy waves are a bitch. Additionally, Indie Rocker, Furry Thing and I surfed Ho'okipa on Maui just four days later. Woo!

33. Plan and take an actual vacation, complete with airline reservations and hotels Completed 11/10-18/07. While we didn't actually stay at hotels, I did make plane reservations, rental car reservations and actually negotiated crash space with friends which can be an even touchier subject than hotels. So, awesome trip to Hawaii, thanks for knocking this one off the list!

Randomly enough, I'm including this one too. Grad school really helped knock it off the list.
27. Either suck it up and learn to knit or stop talking about it. Completed sometime between May and November 2007. I haven't talked about this in months, and I know it's never going to happen, so good riddance.

The vacation was awesome, and now I'm turning around and heading down to the Central Coast of Cali for Thanksgiving to hang with Indie Rocker's family. Should be a good time, and then I'm going to be really, really tired of airplanes for a while.

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