Monday, October 08, 2007

Oooh, that's embarrassing.

I really do apologize for completely and totally neglecting the blog these days. On the bright side, it's because some really cool things have been happening, and I'm excited about those. I've started classes for grad school, and while the commute doesn't make me happy, my classmates are cool, the classes are interesting and the profs are amazing. Even my Accounting class is interesting, which I definitely consider a feat.

Molly is doing well--her potty-training is coming right along, although we're still going through lots of paper towels and cleaning supplies. Her new hobby is pulling things out of the laundry basket. I need to post this, but she pulled a PBR can out of the recycling last night and Indie Rocker and I nearly died laughing trying to take pictures of her with the can in her mouth. So, so funny.

Other than that, we're starting puppy kindergarten this week, and we also just bought our plane tickets to go to Hawaii next month. I'm really excited--we're splitting our time between Oahu and Maui, and this may even qualify for a 101 list checkoff. We'll see!

Back to work, but hopefully more to come soon.

Quote of the Day: "Baby went to Amsterdam/put a little money into traveling/now it's so slow/so slow." Amsterdam, Peter Bjorn and John. This is actually my new ringtone now that I have a new phone that plays polyphonic ringtones. Yeah, I know--welcome to this millennium.

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