Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Not so much...

So I decided to review the 101 list and see if there were a few items that are pretty much just not going to happen. Here's what I came up with:

10. Spend an entire ski season somewhere besides Mt. Hood Meadows. I think this one was intended to get me to travel and whatnot. I was OK with counting the summer season. However, if I intend to honor the spirit of the thing, I'd have to work at T-line or Skibowl and that's just not going to happen.

14. Go surfing in Bali. For obvious reasons, this sounds great. However, thanks to vacay constraints and other reasons, this most likely won't happen. But dammit, it sure sounded good.

49. Go to New Orleans. I actually made this before the hurricanes and then really thought that I wanted to go afterwards. I still want to go, but let's face it--not gonna happen in the next 9 months.

70. Live by myself. See, this one could still happen. However, that would mean that my relationship ended and that would be bad news. So on that note, I'm assuming that it's not going to happen.

78. Revise and finish the novel I’ve already started--'cause I've had time to work on this.
79. Let somebody read it--And torture them?

92. Brush up on enough French and Italian to watch “La Cite Des Enfants Perdu” and “La Vita E Bella” without subtitles. This was a totally valid effort to relearn French and Italian. Clearly not going to happen if I'm going back to school.

93. Surf Santa Cruz without getting yelled at or threatened. Taking a local would be a good idea. Bonus points, really. I just don't see myself having time to do this in the next 9 months. Unfortunately, with the whole vacation story staying the same, I think this one might not happen either. Argh.

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