Monday, July 24, 2006

Rainier to Pacific

97. Participate in the Hood to Coast.

I think that this particular 101 item might be completed since I don't know if I will have the time to do it as the Hood to Coast. However, since I completed the Rainier to Pacific relay last weekend, it might count as well. We'll see. If I don't end up on a Hood to Coast team, I'll count it. If I do, then it was a good warmup.

So about Rainier to Pacific. It was essentially a hash team, which made it a hell of a lot more fun. We did pretty well for ourselves, too. We started at 2:30pm and finished in 23:13:59. So we all felt pretty good about that.

We actually had two different vans, which was interesting. There was the girls van and the boys van. Apparently, there was talk of a trade, since the gys decided that RE was more of a girl and they'd trade him for me. Hee!

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