Monday, December 12, 2005

Safeway Saturday Night Returns...

Saturday night was the triumphant return of Safeway Saturday Night to ski school. They threw a little pizza and beer party for us ski schoolers on Saturday after lessons, which was actually quite fun as nearly everyone stayed and hung out. My boss even let Indie Rocker and his work friend poach the party as well, which was lots of fun.

However, the fun really began after we blew through two kegs of MGD (for the record, we aren’t total alcoholics. There were about 60 people coming in and out). We had been reminiscing about SSNs past and how much fun they were. After we blew the second keg, the call went up and about 30 of us jumped up, ran downstairs to the locker room and busted out our ski gear to go hit the slopes for a few commemorative, intoxicated runs. There were pillows brought along, beers brought along, energy drinks, etc. I was riding the lift with TB and Mountain Man, which was hilarious as I kept stealing sips of TB’s Steel Reserve, which was as foul as whatever energy drink Mountain Man had busted out. We got to the top and regrouped with Eeyore, K#1, K#2, some of the snowboard staff who I don’t know all that well yet, our dear newly divorced friend Teach who actually anted up to drive Indie Rocker’s truck home so that we could all drink, and a bunch of other people. There were literally at least 20 of us.

I took three runs, played a little pillow football and totally missed K#2 when I threw it to her. After the last run, I figured that Indie Rocker would be looking for me and I was getting cold anyway! Whew! Such fun.

After that, we headed home, dropped Indie Rocker’s friend off to meet up with a girl in Gresham, went home and debated which party to go to before giving up and going to bed instead.

Oh, and Bientot is home! I missed her so much.

Quote of the Day: “Wait a minute. I already know my fortune, it's partying!” Chris Pontius, Jackass: The Movie.

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