Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Energetic or good acting.

I think that Scienziata has created a monster. She and I ran together on Sunday, again last night, I biked to work this morning and intend to hash tonight, and we’re running again tomorrow. Getting back into shape after a long drought is so much more painful than I remembered, mostly because I usually don’t let myself get this bad. It’s aggravating, really. Although this morning, I looked out the window on the clearest, sunniest morning that we’ve had in a week and could not think of a single excuse not to ride my bike in. So I did. I was laughing at myself (on the inside as I was too busy panting on the outside) today as I dragged my sorry butt up SW Broadway, because I realized that if I had actually stuck with the whole bike-commuting routine since I started, I’d be in great shape right now. Sadly, I didn’t and sadly, I am not.

It’s nice to have motivation, though, and friends to push me. Scienziata is great help, as she and I run the same pace and talk the same pace as well, which makes running so, so much less painful. Indie Rocker’s been riding his bike a ton and is planning on making me a cyclocross fan in the next few months when he and EB start racing together. I’m not sure how I feel about having a boyfriend who shaves his legs, but I suspect I don’t have much say in it. Should be interesting! But since he’s been doing that, it makes me want to get back into shape as well. That, and ski season’s coming up fast and if I want to start tele-ing, I’d better do something about having quad muscles now.

Speedy and I have been talking very regularly lately, which is a lot of fun since she’s been gone for so long. She’s in killer good shape right now, which is great incentive for me to get off my butt so that when I go down and visit her this winter, she doesn’t kill me in the backcountry.

Speaking of skiing, it’s a damned good thing that we got really, really good Warren Miller tickets as I just found out that I’m missing TGR this year. I mean, I’m going to be surfing in Costa Rica, but still. Argh.

Quote of the Day: “I tell you I want you/I'll tell you I need you/The blood ain't on my hands/Just wanted you near me.” Club Foot, Kasabian.

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