Friday, August 26, 2005

Productivity measures...

I'm actually having a fairly productive week, all considered. Strong Draught and I did the walkthrough on the new apartment last night and documented everything we saw that needed to be fixed or that we didn't do. It was good. I thought that we were going to write checks and all that fun stuff, but it was our landlord's assistant who we think was not privy to arrangements that we had previously made. Oh well.

Anyway, I started adding some italic notes to my 101 list since I'm apparently accomplishing more than I thought I was. Mom and I signed up for a cooking class at Sur la Table, so that's one more thing off the list once it's done. Truth be told, I actually have already taken a cooking class there, but this one is hands-on and it's actually going to be taught by a friend of mine, so that's pretty cool. I told Strong Draught that if he kicks in for groceries that I will cook, because I am determined to be a good cook and stop complaining about it.

I also managed to pick up a copy of US News and World Report's 2006 rankings of grad schools, so I am actually starting to think about that. I know that I have to pick up a GMAT and GRE study guide next so that I can start that process. It's not going to be fun, but it is necessary.

I sent in the little subscription card for Spin magazine yesterday, but I won't check that off until I get a copy in my mailbox and I've paid for it.

My nails are getting all long too, which is odd for me as I usually bite them and if I don't, I tend to gnaw on them until they break anyway. It's really a gross habit that I've been trying to half-assedly break for years, but it seems to be taking this time. We'll see. I just keep trying to tell myself to keep my fingers out of my mouth. Ick!

Hopefully tonight I head for the coast so that I can miss the traffic in the morning. I'll be picking Indie Rocker's carcass up at the end of the Hood to Coast and then partying with the hashers. Should be fun and it will be nice to get out of town.

Quote of the Day: "I never thought I'd miss you." Bridle, Sage Francis.

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