Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Check, please.

The week has been productive so far. I picked up the lease agreement for the new place and that’s pretty damned exciting. I know that I really wanted this place and now that it’s really going to be ours, the reality of moving is starting to sink in. On the bright side, since there’s three of us, we can already help each other move aside from the big stuff. I told Indie Rocker that he’s pretty much only going to have to help me move my bed and the big dresser, because everything else I should be able to do myself. I’m hoping to get rid of the ugly hand-me-down dresser now, since I’m going to have tons more closet space and some really schmancy built-ins. Awesome.

Also, I get to cross another thing off the list tonight as Indie Rocker and I have tickets to see Coldplay. Yeah, only slightly excited about that. I even sprang for the expensive tickets, so that’s going to rock. Woohoo!

Quote of the Day: “And I'm not gonna stand and wait/Not gonna leave it until its much too late/On a platform I'm gonna stand and say/That I'm nothing on my own/And I love you, please come home.” A Message, Coldplay.

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