Thursday, June 23, 2005

Smash It Up

I had the most frustrating day on Tuesday and now that I’ve gotten some distance and some repair done, I think that I can talk about it.

Basically what happened is that I was tired, had a terrible day at work, went to a rushed dinner with a friend of mine where the waiter repearedly messed up my bill and then went to the grossly underattended event that I had helped to plan with a local political nonprofit. To top that off, after the event we loaded the extra supplies, including several untouched half-racks of PBR into the back of my car, which was parked in the venue parking lot and happened to abut the Burnside Skatepark. I went back upstairs with the other organizer to finish getting everything and thank the owner of the venue. When we got back to the parking lot, I hopped into my car and turned it on. I suddenly realized that the car was louder than normal, looked back and saw that it was because I no longer had a back window. I shut the car off and jumped out to look at the remains of my completely smashed back window only to discover that the only thing gone was the beer.

Total damage? $491.25
Total worth of stolen goods? $35

Fuckers. I didn’t see them, but the other organizer noticed some skate punks making noise and they were gone when we got back. So that’s who we think it was. Skateboards would be a handy blunt object to smash in a window with. If I’d known they were going to do that, I would have left the damned door open. Argh!!

Disclaimer: I don’t have anything against skaters, the Burnside Skatepark or skateboards. I used to skate a little until I got a concussion doing it. Half of my friends have boards and I might consider using them again. This particular incident I chalk up to a few bad eggs ruining it for everyone.

On the bright side, the hash last night was so much fun and Chick Surf Weekend starts tomorrow. Awesome.

Quote of the Day: “Hey, hey don't pay no mind/you're under 18/you won't be doin' any time/hey, hey come out and play" Come Out and Play, The Offspring.

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weekendwarrior said...

Hey Captain,

That sucks about your window and I hope it wasn't actually skaters that did it. I am the guy that does the skatepark website you linked to and will ask around. We self-police the park and this kind of crap shouldn't happen. If you have any problems again at that location, feel free to e-mail me at Like you said though, if they were skaters, they were probably just gutter punks, or bad eggs, that probably just carry their boards to feel cool (and use as blunt instruments).

Once again, I'm sorry that had to happen down there. We aren't all like that.

Burnside Skatepark