Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Cold and I don't care.

I got to go for a motorcycle ride with a cute boy on Sunday. That pretty much totally rocked, because for some reason I find motorcycles really hot and that made him even cuter than he already was.

And I haven't gotten to ride a motorcycle since college, when I briefly dated a guy who had one. The docs have been making fun of me all day, since they treat motorcycle wreck victims all the time. It's hilarious. When Roche's friends and I were chatting, we were comparing notes on wrecks before Roche reminded me that I had to get back on the bike to get home.

Either way, the weekend kicked ass. Friday night was supposed to be a girl's night in with Joy and Steamboat. And it was, for a while. Then Strong Draught and Japan came home and we all went out for beers before coming back to the house, ostensibly to crash. Which we didn't, because Fresh and Priest came over to hang out since the bar they work at was shut down since all the drains were backing up. What a mess.

Saturday morning was spent recovering, which I didn't want to do, and getting rehired at the mountain. That kicked ass, since I got to spend hours listening to my friends and hanging out with everyone again. While the GM of the mountain was talking, I was joking around with DB, Gorgeous, and YM. The GM was so ridiculously boring that we couldn't believe they'd made him the last speaker. Dumb.

After we filled out piles of paperwork, we all headed downstairs to get pictures taken, shop, and see people. On the way we ran into Joy and her crew, so we dragged them in as well. I shopped, walked around and got a pass pic taken since mine from last year didn't look like me halfway through last season, much less now.

I was seriously dragging at this point from lack of food and dehydration, so I pestered Marshall until she took her pass pic and we could leave. I met up with Joy and Bubbles, after Marshall dropped me off, to watch the uber-depressing end of the Ducks game at a bar downtown. Chitown came by to hang out with me for a while, so that was fun.

TGR was Saturday night, so Marshall and I met back up at the Roseland to set up for Surfrider. We rapidly made friends, particularly when we went on a Taco Bell run and brought some back for some of the guys. I love being called an angel. Hee!

Once our friends started coming in, we got crazy busy. We didn't have tons of people to talk to, but it seemed to go well, and the people we did talk to were cool.

The movie kicked ass, as did the free beers that this dude kept buying for us.

Afterwards, we packed up and went to a different bar since we didn't really want to stick around for the afterparty. It was great, since there were about 12 of us there all cuddled up in the corner with the couch and the comfy chairs. Sprite, Joy, Sprite's boyfriend Beastie, Redhead, Marshall, Chitown, Chief LHV, Roche and a whole mess of other people kept coming in. At one point, I was slouched on the chairs/makeshift couch in between Chief LHV and Roche for the better part of 45 minutes before Roche, Headfirst and I went to the bar for shots. Mmmm. That might be the first time ever that shots haven't been disastrous. I also managed to drag Roche out onto the dance floor with Sprite and Beastie for a little while. Unfortunately, I ended up leaving shortly thereafter, since Chitown was down for the count and needed to go home. So, I cabbed it with him, which turned into the drama of the week. Gah.

Either way, Roche and Headfirst came to get me, which was awfully nice of them, particularly since I had left my purse, sweater and tab at the bar. Thanks, Marshall, for closing that!! Once we got back to town, we realized that Headfirst's truck had gotten towed, so we were off to the impound lot to wait. I got to bed at 5:00am. On the bright side, Roche got my number and promised to call.

Brunch on Sunday was at Little Bird's parents' house, which was delicious. We had a really nice time catching up, talking wedding stuff with the girls and drinking mimosas while eating yummy food.

I tried coming home and taking a nap, which was interrupted by phone calls from everyone. Gah. I finally just got up and went over to Roche's so he could help me go buy a new cell phone thanks to the total destruction of mine.

Oh, and I went to the Faint concert with Roche and Strong Draught. Go see them whenever you can. They are so amazing and I have rarely danced so much in my life. Woohoo!

Quote of the Day: "Who needs sleep? Well you’re never gonna get it/Who needs sleep? Tell me what’s that for/Who needs sleep? Be happy with what you’re getting/There’s a guy who’s been awake since the second world war." Who Needs Sleep?, Barenaked Ladies

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