Monday, November 01, 2004


Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays, since it requires dressing up, candy, and past the age of high school, wanton consumption of adult beverages. While this is not to say that I try to intentionally drink too much, my friends and I did decide to go big on Saturday night. Friday night was spent recovering from Thursday, since Joy and I went completely overboard that night as well. God. Good thing the election is over tomorrow (VOTE, dammit) and I can sleep for once. Anyway, Friday night was spent hanging out with Libbie, since she was in town for Trick-or-Vote. That was nice, since I got to sit around drinking tea, chatting, and then having some low-key drinks. It kicked ass, actually. Libbie and I seem to have a much better friendship than we used to, so that doesn’t suck.

Saturday morning I slept in wayyyy past when I wanted to since I turned my alarm clock off intentionally. I finally staggered out of bed and started doing things I needed to do. Steamboat and I went over to the coffeeshop for chai, then we came home and I made blueberry pancakes, since I promised Strong Draught I would. After that, Strong Draught and I carved pumpkins, which I still need to clean up, and I cleaned up and got ready to run errands. First I had to get a leather trench from one friend for Pool Shark’s costume and then Pool Shark and I worked for an hour on his costume, which mostly consisted of fighting with his wig. It was hilarious, since he had this, like, Ace Frehley wig and he was dressing as the Crow. So we trimmed, pomaded, chopped, gelled and otherwise tweaked with the wig for the better part of an hour. It looked OK by the time I left, since I had to get over to Marshall’s and get our costumes squared away. We made it to Goodwill, the party store and the hardware store just in time, so she dressed up as a cowgirl and I was Go-go Yubari. I actually looked quite a bit like her, insofar as a white girl can look like an Asian. Whatever. Joy came over and met me at my apartment so that we could start party hopping. We met Steamboat over on the other side of the river to go get a black wig from her friend and then drove to Beaverton for our first party. We stayed there long enough to say hello to everyone and then bailed over to the other side of town for a party at Joy’s friend’s house. We picked up Strong Draught on the way, who was dressed as the Sandman. Yeah, nobody knew who he was at all. Pretty funny, really. Anyway, we got to the second party and saw a bunch of people, but then went downstairs to play MarioKart and when we came back up, everyone had disappeared. So we collected a few people and headed over to yet another party. This one was at Eeyore’s house, which is the traditional Halloween gathering party. This was tons of fun, as everyone was partying hearty and there were a ton of people there. It was great. Loads of beers, shots, etc. I watched beer pong for a little while and then Fresh called. He said that they were at the bar around the corner from his bar, so Joy and I took two of the boys with us to meet Fresh and Priest at the bar. Well, as it was 3:30 in the morning, the bouncer wouldn’t let us in, so I poked my head in the door and tried to get Fresh’s attention, which fortunately didn’t take long as it was like –12 outside and I was wearing a very short skirt. Since we couldn’t get into a bar, we decided to go to Priest’s house, so Joy, Occifer, Fresh and I piled into Joy’s car, while we stuck Priest and Teddy in a cab. Needless to say, Teddy was a little confused. My bad!

Once we got to Priest’s house, we decided to play cribbage, of all things. I was not so awake at this point, and I’m sure that last beer wasn’t a good idea. Either way, I pretty much decided that Fresh’s shoulder was a great pillow. Poor guy. I can’t imagine that I was very helpful with cribbage, since I still don’t understand it. Or why we decided to play, but whatever.

The crew finally started to run out of steam, so Occifer, Joy, Teddy and I headed back to Joy’s house to finally get some sleep. I think we rolled in sometime around 5:30am. It was ridiculous. We didn’t even get to sleep that long, since we all woke up thirsty and hungover a few hours later. That, and Joy and I had brunch plans with Sprite, Princess, and Mrs. Fogg. So we watched some football, Joy showered, and then we took the boys back to their house. Joy and I headed over to my place so I could shower and change, since I was still wearing pajamas I’d borrowed from her as well as pieces of my Halloween costume. I was so cute.

Brunch was awesome. Joy and I stopped by to get some coffee from Strong Draught and then headed over to the restaurant, which was beautiful and so cute. We stood around for ages, which wasn’t so bad as Joy and I regaled the girls with stories. We sat Montage-style at a large table and had the sweetest server. The food was delicious—I highly recommend the Special Scramble. Yum. One of the hosts who had talked to us a little bit was dressed as a vampire and was really cute, so on the way back from the bathroom, I stopped by the table where he was taking a break and eating to tell him, “I just wanted to tell you that I think you are so cute.” He smiled and thanked me. On the way out, he ran over, stopped us and told us that since we’d waited so long for our table that we were to jog his memory and he would seat us immediately anytime we came back. The girls all looked at me when we got out the door and said that I should tell people they’re cute more often!!

After that, Joy and I dragged our sorry carcasses up to the Crystal to participate in Trick-or-Vote, which meant that we had to go door to door encouraging people who hadn’t voted yet to do so. It sounded way more painful than it ended up being, which rocked. I was paired up with Joy, Econut and one of his coworkers. I ran into a ton of people, most of whom I hadn’t seen in ages. Clark Kent accosted me and told me that he really wants to do ski school. So I’m forwarding his info to my boss. If he wasn’t so odd, he’d be really hot. After canvassing, Joy and I decided to bail out for a few hours since we were absolutely death on feet at that point. She went to bed while I helped Strong Draught with his costume, caught up on “Lost”, talked to Fresh, changed into my costume and headed back to the Crystal for the party. It was fun and I talked to a bunch of people again. Clark was hilarious—I think he had gotten drunk in the meantime, so that was awesome. The first band was the Retrofits and they were fun. The second band sucked, which is too bad since I think it made people leave. The third band was March Fourth, who is awesome and then Everclear came onstage. I finally bailed partway through that thanks to exhaustion.

And for the second work morning in a row, my alarm clock didn’t work. And can bite me. Thank God for my weird friends who feel the need to call me at 7:30 in the morning and then acquiesce when I beg them to drive me to work. Chitown kicks ass.

Quote of the Day: “Mike D/yeah? with your bad self running things/What’s up with your bad breath/Onion rings!!!” Shake Your Rump, Beastie Boys.

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