Thursday, September 16, 2004

I'll sleep when I'm dead.

Back to my weekend…

The memorial service was good. It’s hard to turn something so sad into a positive thing, but the service was appropriate and really felt like a celebration of the person’s life rather than dwelling on his age or what might have been. Plus, I got a chance to reconnect with J after almost two years. Good deal.

The 30th birthday belonged to Marilyn, who dressed as Marilyn Monroe complete with white dress and platinum blonde hair. It was fabulous. She looked great, the house is ginormous and the food was delicious. After the party, Chitown kindly drove me home so I could bond with a glass of bourbon and a copy of “The Crow,” my all-time favorite movie. 10 minutes into it, Strong Draught and his friend Japan came home and decided to watch with me. Japan hopped onto the couch, watched for a few minutes and then announced that he hadn’t seen the film before, could I fill him in? Rewind to the start of the movie and press play. So much faster and easier than explaining.

Saturday morning it was my turn to whip up breakfast since Strong Draught did it last week, so blueberry pancakes from scratch and scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese was made. By me. All by myself. Because I kick ass.

After that I lazed around until it was time to meet a new friend for coffee. Which I thought was just hanging out. Until he announced, after we had hung of for nearly three hours, that he wanted to be upfront, so he told me he had been attracted to me since we met and wanted to get to know me better. Upfront would have been telling me that two and a half hours ago, jackass. It wouldn’t work out for a variety of reasons anyway, so no worries about going there. He doesn’t like cold weather. Yeah, exactly.

After that, I ran errands and got ready for Miss Fogg’s going away party. Mapquest can bite me, by the way, since there are half a dozen dead end streets that it told me to take to get to her family’s house. Aggghhh. Once I made it, though, the party rocked. There was so much food, so much drink and so many fun people that it was ridiculous. As soon as I got there, I got to hang with Miss Fogg, several of our guy friends and a bunch of the adorable dogs that kept running around underfoot. Mr. Clean kept handing me Jell-o shots because he claimed that I could teach Summit my technique for getting the shots out of the cups. The trick is using tongue. Yeah, that sounded really bad, so I’m not going to go any further. Miss Fogg has the coolest family, since Mrs. Fogg was taking Jell-o shots with us and Mr. Fogg cooked up the most amazing feast on the BBQ for us. They also have a pet raccoon whom they feed Apple Jacks and ice chips around bedtime. So cute and HUGE. 40 pounds. I asked. So cute, though.

Anyway, two of the boys showed up to the party wearing bubble wrap on the outside and colored Saran Wrap on the inside. And outside too, for good measure. It was hilarious. Lots of popping ensued. Bubble wrap makes such a satisfying “pop!” when smacked.
“Are there still bubbles on my butt to pop?” “OK, that was my nipple. Ow.” “Um, that smells like melting. Maybe I need to not stand there.” “This is getting sticky.” Yes, and one of them is the future face of medicine. Good times.

After that, it was off to MusicFest NW to meet up with Stella and Strong Draught to check out the Wrens at Berbatis. Good stuff, and I told Strong Draught that he found the one place where I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew. I did, but I didn’t tell him.

Sunday was spent going to breakfast at the coffeeshop with Steamboat, moving furniture, watching Blade II with Speedy and Dad and sleeping poorly since I don’t like scary vampire movies. Well, I do, but they make me sleep badly the night after I see them. Then I’m fine.

Quote of the Day: “It’s a fine day/people open windows/they leave their houses/just for a short time.” Fine Day, Miss Jane version

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