Friday, July 30, 2004

Say What, exactly?

The funny thing is that I have a pile of paper on my desk, but I haven’t actually gotten anything done today. Well, that’s not true, but it’s close enough. I’ve been thinking about a variety of things today, mostly inspired by my incredibly packed day tomorrow and the Kerry/Edwards party I attended last night.

I actually got invited to a wedding last night by the groom, with whom I have been acquainted since we were 14. He said that they didn’t have my address to send me an invitation as I just moved. Which is valid, although he could have sent it to my parents’ house, which I was gauche enough to mention. Oh well. My mother mentioned it as well when I spoke with her this morning. Hee! I think I am going to go, but I’m going to check with one of my friends to make sure that he’s going before I commit myself. Which I pretty much already did, but whatever.

It was actually kind of fascinating to watch the whole DNC acceptance and discuss it with my friends. I missed Kerry’s actual speech and watched some of it today during my lunch break. I find him to be a very interesting person and I am very enthusiastic about volunteering and becoming more involved with his campaign. I just cannot stand the awful prospect of four more years of a Bush administration. I just can’t. As a woman, as an educated person, as a person who enjoys personal and Constitutional freedoms, as an American. I can’t do it.

Eh, I’m going to go shopping with Speedy tonight, go to the Soapbox Derby and Flugtag tomorrow and then go drink at Eeyore’s birthday party. Sweet. Have a good weekend!

Quote of the Day: “It’s funny ‘cause it’s true.” Homer Simpson

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