Thursday, July 08, 2004

Local Bands kick ass.

I went and saw Everyday Prophets last night at the Goodfoot. Go check out their webpage and then go see them. They're a bunch of local Portland guys who play awesome dancehall/modern reggae and they are extremely talented.

I leaned over to my friend Mimi last night and said, "The best part about these guys is that you would never look at one of them on the street and think 'Hey, that guy must be in a reggae band,' but they still kick ass."

Besides, sitting around drinking a beer and listening to good reggae is never a bad way to spend an evening.

Quote of the Day: "Do you come from a land Down Under?/where women roar and men thunder/Can you hear can you hear the thunder/you'd better run, you'd better take cover." Down Under, Men at Work

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