Thursday, June 03, 2004

Oooh, oooh, pick me!

So I've discovered how to add pictures now. Scary concept. I promise not to abuse this ability, so if you really don't want me to put up any pictures of you, you have to be nice to me. Just kidding. I'm just using that pic as a sample. The rest will be put through a detailed vetting process to make sure that no one can be Googled and I get blamed for their failed political career.

Other than that, I had an awesome weekend last weekend and just now got the chance to commit it to blog. Marshall, Eeyore, TGWS, and Marshall's roommate Sassy and I all went up to our friends' cabin outside of Leavenworth for the weekend and had a blast. I will be the first to admit that I wasn't sure about how the weekend was going to go at first, but it became readily apparent that it was going to kick ass shortly after we left. The passengers in the car (not Marshall, the driver, who wisely abstained) on the way up managed to polish off the better part of an 18 pack of Rainier between Olympia and Gold Bar, Washington. Yeah, I've never heard of it either. We finally arrived at the compound around 10pm, thanks to Eeyore's inability to pay attention to time. It's all good though, as we happily piled out of the car, threw all of our gear into the loft and raided the kitchen. We made friends with the dogs first and then the people, who we were introduced to en masse, which made for interesting conversation starting. Fortunately, the fire was blazing, the beer coolers were stocked and the people who were already there were very friendly and particularly amenable to s'more sharing. Happy BBM was particularly spirited until she passed out on the floor. Eeyore and Sassy relocated her to the couch and she apparently revived shortly after we crashed out. Benny decided not to let her come wake us up. We ended up staying awake until somewhere near 1 am and made some new friends. Good times.

We slept in the next morning until the dogs got insistent and woke us up. We bonded with Happy for a few minutes as she had relocated downstairs from us after rallying off the couch. After that we straggled over to the kitchen in the main house where Marshall and I made ourselves some yummy mountain breakfast. After that, we all sort of laid around playing with the baby and eating before Marshall, TGWS, and I wandered down to the lake to chat and check it out. It was a lake full of fishing boats, but it looked like waterskiing and jetskis were banned, so that was kind of nice.

After we managed to gather a few girls together, and the golf crew came back, we rallied out to Twin Lakes to hike. We took two of the dogs with us and crammed 5 girls and both dogs into Marshall's car. It was particularly funny when one of the dogs decided she really wanted to bond with me and practically climbed into my lap shortly before we got to the trailhead. Either way, it was a great hike and we had a really nice time.

We got back the trailhead just before it started to rain, so we sat around and had a PBR before getting back in the car and heading back to camp. Happy had first dibs on the shower, so the rest of us watched the card game, read magazines or picked through the fridge. Finally after unsuccessfully fishing through the food for the third time, Marshall, Sassy and I broke for the store to buy breakfast materials, s'mores supplies and Gatorade. The first store was nothing more than a glorified gas station while the second had what we wanted, even though we had to ask where the eggs were. Good thing we didn't want any fresh fruit--we were SOL. Loaded down with sugar and breakfast, we wandered back to the cabin. We cycled through showers while Marshall and Sassy made brownies. It was also time to start drinking again, as everyone was rallying and clean, there was a full-fledged card game going and the fire pit had come alive. Sassy even took a beer into the shower with her. Also, the BBQ was raring to go with the marinated chicken and it smelled like heaven. Dinner was delicious, as were the salads and other sorts of things that got set out. The brownies were a total hit--go Marshall--and before we knew it, we were out throwing things in the fire. One of the gals was a total pyro and built up a huge fire. It was awesome. Before long the Jaeger came out and we were passing it around four of us at the campfire, typewriter style. Marshall started, handed it to TGWS, who handed it to me, and I handed it off to Ace, who handed it back to Marshall. Shortly after that, a rather spirited game of Asshole started in the kitchen, so we retired in there are dealt in. At one point, we had half the group crammed in around this teeny little table yelling "Drink!" at each other and throwing cards. Much PBR was consumed in short order, as we rotated positions and ordered more drinks. Eeyore and I got into an actualy shouting match over whether or not the President had to give the Asshole his or her worst cards or lowest cards. It's worst, for the record, but Eeyore insisted that wasn't the case. Loudly. Within six inches of my face. After the rest of the group determined that I was right, we all piled onto the floor to continue playing as the table had nearly given up the ghost, but it shortly deteriorated when BabyMom, Marshall and I tried to start a waterfall and nearly laughed so hard we wet ourselves. Marshall had her cheeks puffed out full of beer for nearly two minutes. I thought it was going to come out her nose. It was beautiful. Once the game broke up, a few people wandered back out to the fire, some went to bed and a few of us plotted to get Eeyore wasted. Which we accomplished, before wandering back out to the fire, where Sassy and I went into S'more mode. We made everyone around the fire s'mores before eating approximately half a dozen apiece. I toddled off to bed full of sugar. However, before I went to bed there needed to be a full-on wrestling match with Eeyore and TGWS where Eeyore lost most of his clothing and pictures were taken. Boobies got grabbed, rug burns were given and Eeyore clearly lost.

The next morning we were remarkably perky for the amount of drunken debauch from the night before, so we cooked, cleaned up our little loft and packed the car. Woody had Eeyore drive her truck home, so we didn't have to all squish into Marshall's car. Marshall, Sassy and I rode back in the Sub, while Eeyore and TGWS took the truck. We caravanned through Leavenworth and through a good chunk of central Washington before gliding onto the beautiful OR I-84 through the Gorge. Rock on.

Once we got home I got to go to dinner with my boss my senior year of college, who was in town visiting. It was totally fun, I didn't get much sleep and I've been coasting on exercise and adrenaline ever since. This week has kicked ass.

Quote of the Day: "But sister, you know I'm weary/and you know sister/My heart's been broken/Sometimes, sometimes/My mind is too strong to carry on/Too strong to carry on." Orange Sky, Alexi Murdoch

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