Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Birthday Week Rocks.

Birthday week commenced on Monday and is currently going strong. I stole this idea from somewhere (here, maybe?) in the past year and have decided to institute it every year for the rest of my life. This is awesome. I get tons of attention and love from my friends, and I get drinks, jokes and assorted other awesome stuff. Plus, the entire week is capped off with a big-ass party at Edgefield on Saturday, which I will attend after Marshall and I surf on Saturday. Hence, Birthday Week rocks. I’m pretty darned hungover today from the festivities last night. Mom and Dad took me to Caffe Mingo, where Afroman’s lovely and talented wife Pixie is the co-head chef. She rocks. So we got treated like royalty and had a delicious meal. Dad tipped half the staff, so I think we might be welcome back. Just a hunch.

After that, the kids were at the Sapphire Hotel for drinks and conversation. I think we ended up taking over half the bar, which kicked ass. Marshall organized everything and gave me two rocking CDs as well as a framed pic of a bunch of us at the top of Cascade from one of the last days of skiing. It’s an awesome picture and we all look great. So fun. Marshall dropped me off last night and I skipped into the house, changed into pajamas and laid on the floor in front of the stereo listening to that Maroon 5 song that I cannot figure out why I like. Either way, it was awesome hanging out with everyone and I had a total blast.

So, thanks to all my friends who called me, emailed me or hung out with me yesterday as you all rock and made this one of the best birthdays ever. I could not be happier.

Quote of the Day: “I wanna see how it looks/Way up on your cloud/Never coming down.” Amsterdam, Guster

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